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Why work with Tipsite?




Are you interested in:

  • Reducing costs?
  • Improving site productivity?
  • Real accountability?
  • More accurate, verifiable data that can be fully audited and cross-referenced?
  • Greater automation levels and reduced operator load?
  • Reliable, cutting edge software and hardware products?
  • The option to trial systems before purchase? 


If the answer to any one of the above questions is “Yes”, then a discussion with TipSite will be highly beneficial in enhancing your waste facility’s operating efficiency and accountability.

Even if a facility has only 10 transactions per day, a simple and relatively low cost non-resettable counting system can provide a count of the number of vehicles entering and leaving.  This figure can be checked to the number of transactions, provided a record of all vehicles entering the facility is kept - this is the start of attaining full site auditability.


Here's why you should consider a TipSite system ...


Real accountability that can be confirmed - The majority of waste facilities do not have data collecting methods that are truly accountable, and as such it is not possible to verify that all data collected is a factual representation of all the occurrences at the facility. If collected data cannot be confirmed by some method, then the system is not accountable. Once data is entered automatically, its accuracy will be 100% - any operator changes should be flagged or recorded. If data is inaccurate, then accountability is compromised. With our effective and accountable systems, it is possible to confirm all aspects of the facility-acquired data, meaning that internal or external auditors can be confident that all information they receive is completely verifiable.


Greater automation and reduced operator load - Using automation products, such as card readers and vehicle recognition software, can drastically reduce operator load and the potential for data input error, meaning that customers can be processed quicker and more accurately and management time and costs also decrease.

Cost reduction - This can be achieved by having a more cost effective integrated system and true costs should be closely evaluated. Some suppliers have a competitive initial cost but a very high ongoing annual support costs; other suppliers can provide a contract where the license to use the product only lasts for two years, after which the cost of the system has to be renewed.  TipSite systems come with no such hidden renewal charges and have a proven track record in reducing client costs and user time and load in entering, processing and auditing data.


Increased software reliability - There are a number of software applications available that have very unreliable transaction data storage, to the extent that it is possible to “lose transactions” and have no ability to accurately know how much revenue was lost through this cause. There are cases where clients have lost up to 100 transactions per week with poor system quality and reliability software applications. Competent selection of software will ensure that these direct revenue losses are eliminated, as well as reduced maintenance costs.


Better OH&S methods - Improved OH&S practices can only be based on accurate data and customer management. If all customers are logged entering and leaving a facility, it is then possible to have an accurate log of vehicle on site at any time. This is invaluable if an incident occurs and, of course, it is very valuable to know if there are any customers on site when the gates are closed at the end of the day.

Reduced manager and supervisor load - If management’s valuable time carrying out relatively mechanical tasks is reduced by enhanced accountable and automated methods, they can be far more productive and focused on more important tasks! The TipSite system ensures that less data entry is required and the accuracy of data is increased.

A flexible, tailored system - It is important to implement a system that can grow and be easily enhanced, as and when requirements change.  Well designed systems have the ability to start with a very basic structure and grow with a client's requirements.  TipSite's modular systems are built from the ground upwards with your specific needs in mind, with the option to trial modules before purchase and to remove and add features as necessary.

Increased site security - TipSite provides surveillance systems that monitor site activity and attach images to transactions, in addition to  detecting vandalism or theft after hours.  Cameras can also be operated and monitored remotely at transfer stations or the tip face, or alternatively for unmanned or rural sites.


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