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Weighbridge / Scale house Software



The TipSite software application package has been designed to ensure the highest levels of reliability, accountability and flexibility for our customers and their users.


The TipSite application operates at all sites, whether they be non-weighbridge sites, transfer station or a multi-weighbridge site with access control.  We have developed a single powerful system with numerous modules that can be activated by simply emailing a confirmation code.


Our modular system can be installed at a basic level and then tuned and adapted to best suit your specific requirements, meaning that our clients receive a package that meets their exact needs and offers the opportunity to make responsive upgrades without the need for superfluous software.  By simply turning on features or modules, the system can be quickly configured to ideally suit virtually every site.




The main features of the basic software package include:

  • automation of most previously manual tasks
  • uses ISO compliant database
  • can simply replace existing, less efficient systems
  • pre-entry of vehicle data upon vehicle approach
  • 40 flexibly configured reports
  • incident reporting
  • multi-field, user-defined search tool with history recall
  • dual weighbridge processing buffer
  • handles all ingoing/outgoing products
  • automated client transaction data entry
  • most casual transactions only require registration to be manually entered
  • no transactions can be deleted for accountability reasons
  • 100% error-free cross-referencing of entry/exit data
  • multi-level user-defined access to application components and processes
  • end of day cash takings report
  • any number of weighed products combined with counted products in one transaction
  • can be configured for unattended operation
  • multiple stored tare weights against one vehicle
  • client invoice generation
  • handles charity transactions
  • detailed EPA data reporting
  • single transaction data entry screen
  • integral backup function
  • site unloading location with each transaction
  • portable data terminal interfacing for un-powered sites


Modules can be switched on for a short trial period to ensure total satisfaction, without the obligation of purchase. These changes are simply carried out by changing a code in the TipSite Application.


As we at TipSite are keen to enable all sites to use the latest software, we also provide free software upgrades as part of our Annual Support Agreement. 


Given our position as leaders in our industry, we offer the highest degree of automation and data-management functions that have the power of many standard reports, combined with a user-defined reporting tool, to ensure access to comprehensive and accurate management data.  Therefore, our systems provide the greatest levels of accountability and auditability available to the Australian market.


Key optional software modules include:

  • Invoicing export to any format accounting package
  • Images captured with every transaction
  • Manual image capture (no transaction)
  • Audit trail
  • Multi-site data synchronisation
  • Multiple weighings for one transaction
  • Touchscreen consoles
  • Configurable for any number of weighbridges
  • Site access control for employee vehicles
  • Disclaimer systems for casual and account customers
  • Job costing
  • Second-hand shop point of sale software packages
  • Account area costing (Posting Accounts)
  • Voucher control systems
  • Vehicle history
  • Vehicle bans and alerts
  • Numberplate recognition
  • Statistical reporting
  • Stock control
  • Short payments (where a customer does not have sufficient funds to pay for transaction)
  • Weather station data recording


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