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Installing a new system may not be the only solution. We offer modernisation and upgrade technologies and software which can transform your existing system and deliver the increased efficiency, ease of maintenance and reliability that you need.


Breathe new life into an old system

Upgrades can often be quicker and less expensive to perform than complete installations. More efficient and powerful software, controls and mechanical components are available, and they may be all that is necessary to increase operating efficiency to meet your current requirements.


In many cases existing boomgates, traffic lights, video cameras and card reading systems can be still used and integrated into the updated solution. 


Possible areas for enhancing equipment and processes:

  • Improved vehicle and customer identification
  • Staged implementation to suit your immediate requirements and budget
  • Lower software support costs
  • More reliable and robust boomgates
  • Better software and system controls
  • Greater software flexibility
  • Portable data terminals for field data acquisition at unmanned and non-weighbridge sites
  • Fewer operators
  • Better traffic control
  • Increased monitoring & control of a contractor
  • More accurate data collection
  • Greater system simplicity
  • More accountability to ensure maximal revenue
  • Less operator responsibility and pressures
  • Better reporting
  • Better weather data recording
  • Less liability with contamination issue


Our software and technical specialists have the experience and the knowledge to assess your existing system and transform it in a way that will meet your requirements today and into the future.


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