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At TipSite, we believe that an intelligent solution is one that has been correctly applied. At times that may be based on standard technology, but at other times it could involve innovation.


As business leaders are well aware, innovation is a major competitive driver. TipSite recognises this and continually strives to deliver innovative solutions to augment the competitive advantage we possess.  We also recognise that new technology is not the only form of innovation, and TipSite seeks to collaborate with our clients on their own iniatives by combining ideas and developing and implementing new processes.

Some of the industry firsts implemented by TipSite include:

  • Fully integrated gatehouse/weighbridge software and hardware solutions

  • Cloud technolgy for sharing data and images between sites

  • Drum Muster automated reporting

  • Automated Emailed reports sent daily/weekly/monthly

  • Rugged Mobile phone app

  • Designed and manufactured high reliability pneumatic boomgates

  • System to handle short payments in the gatehouse and portable data acquisition systems

  • Designed and manufactured vandal resistant camera/traffic light bollards for waste facilities

  • Accountability tool with images stored with the transaction data

  • Portable tipface solar powered video cameras with wireless communication back to the gatehouse

  • Military-spec portable data terminal and printer systems for unpowered sites

  • Restricted access to various parts of the waste facility using boomgates, card readers and integrated software

  • Recognition software and hardware to automatically “read” vehicle registration plates

  •  Automated waste type validation systems at the unloading point

  •  Designed and manufactured a direct exit boomgate control system to allow highly reliable RF cards to be used to control and monitor paid customers in exiting the facility



Intelligent site management solutions - a history of innovation

TipSite has an impressive pedigree as an innovator. In an industry where major innovations are often decades apart, TipSite led the way during its formative years. From the development of fully integrated systems, to the pioneering of highest levels of automation and accountability with the capture of images, TipSite has been at the forefront of waste facility management innovation.




Today, TipSite is continuing to break new ground with increasingly efficient operational systems.  We are proud of our history of innovation and as the industry leader in research and development, we will continue to implement new concepts and solutions that will go on giving our customers added value.

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