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Portable Data Terminals


These are rugged handheld terminals, which allows automated data collection at a waste facility that does not have a weighbridge and the product is designated as volume units. This device has the following features:


  • Manufactured to Military specifications – drop test and water proofing
  • High reliability operation in dirty waste facility environments
  • Colour screen easily seen in sunny conditions
  • Waterproof to IP67 standards – 1 metre in water for 30 seconds
  • Meets military specification drop test – 26 drops from 1.22 metres
  • Optional integrated Radio Frequency (RF) reader allows ease of client identification
  • Optional barcode reader or camera
  • Docket/Invoice printing possible with a belt thermal printer using Bluetooth comms
  • Lightweight 490 grams – elastic wrist strap included which aids holding
  • Data stored in non-volatile flash memory – no problem with battery going flat
  • 12 volt external power input for charging internal batteries
  • Operates in temperatures of –30 to +60 degrees Centigrade


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