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Camera Bollards



TipSite provides camera bollards that can introduce or improve accountability, particularly on unmanned sites.  However, the advantage of these bollards is that they can be easily relocated from site to site by simply removing the recording camera unit from inside the protective housing.  This unit comes equipped with a high reliability inductive vehicle sensor, which virtually eliminates false capture common to many other motion detection systems.


Images collected on this system are not stored with any transaction data. The inbuilt digital video recording system has the following features:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Easily mounted at the entry of the facility
  • Can run from mains or battery
  • Uses reliable inductive vehicle sensor to eliminate storage of unwanted images found with other motion detection systems
  • Stores a set of images when vehicle activates the sensor
  • Images stored on removable flash disk memory card for reviewing
  • Camera module draws only 1.6 milliamps when in “sleep” mode – perfect for battery operation.
  • Removable Compact Flash memory card stores images for reviewing on any PC
  • Operational temperature of –10 to 60oC
  • Configurable to store 1-10 images when vehicle sensor is activated
  • Rugged 150x150mm bollard with 16 mm mounting bolts
  • Vandal-resistant camera housing with an apparent camera mounting on each of the 4 bollard faces
  • Steel protection tubes surrounding lens cover reduces damage by vandals
  • Optional solar powered module




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