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Heavy-duty boomgate


This boomgate is a highly durable, reliable unit ideally designed for integration with the TipSite System. It has a high torque servo motor allowing relatively high speed operation with a slow start and stop operation, reducing stress and wear in comparison to other designs. As a result, this is a virtually maintenance free system. It contains no micro switches commonly found in boomgates to sense the end of travel; instead, the TipSite Systems boomgate uses an inbuilt electronic controller to sense the end of travel.


Principal features

  • Servo motor actuation provides a long life
  • Long lasting powder coating protection.
  • Hinged boom with shear pin, minimizing damage if a vehicle hits boom horizontally.
  • No micro switches to fail and stop operation.
  • Fully self-contained housing for controls and arm operator.
  • Rubber Vehicle Contact Sensor lifts boom if contact is made.
  • 100% duty cycle.
  • Boom arm balance provided by easily adjustable springs.
  • Easily serviced with the use of plug-in control module for loop control.
  • No exterior counter weights.
  • Lockable fail-safe manual override to lock up or lock down.
  • Boom lengths – 3m and 4.5 metres.
  • 3 minutes boom replacement.
  • 2 seconds cycle time.


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