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We welcome any enquiries about our products and services - below are a selection of frequently asked questions that may better explain what a TipSite system can do for your organisation. 


Please note that all responses are based on the capabilities of a fully-optioned system.  For any further enquiries, don't hesistate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.









Can a basic system be installed and upgraded at a later date?
Yes - upgrade modules can also be pretrialled for a short period for a nominal cost to ensure that they meet your site's requirements.

How will a system speed up operations at the gatehouse?
Most of the data relating to a transaction is automatically entered by the pressing of a single button, which consequently reduces operator load and improves site productivity and traffic.

Can less responsibility and pressure be placed on the system operator?
Yes.  TipSite focus heavily on research and development of automation units and software, which means we can provide and maintain reliable products capable of significantly reducing operator time, load and costs. 


Is there a way to allow vehicles who have paid at the entry to leave the site without taking up the operators time?
Yes, they can leave the site via an automatically operated direct exit boomgate (if this option is installed).


Is it possible to ban a particular vehicle, or alert the operator that a particular vehicle is about to enter the site?

Can multiple loads against a single open cheque be automated?


Can “stored tares” of frequent vehicles be used to speed up operations?
Yes, but this is not recommended and greatly reduces the true accountability of the system.


Can price changes be made globally – not by changing each client’s prices?


Can discounts be made to particular waste types – not by changing each client’s prices?


Can greater security be cost effectively added to the site?
Yes - for more information on the ways we can achieve this, get in touch with us via phone or email, the details of which can be found at the
contact us section.




Can a invoicing data be exported to accounting packages – for example MYOB?
Yes, an export function allows this.


Can an effective method be used to retrieve data and images captured many months previously?
Yes, due to highly effective image compression methods all transaction data and image files for 6 months can be saved on a single 120 Gb hard drive.


Is it possible to log various incidents at the site that may relate to OH&S issues?


Is it possible to confirm that the supplier that delivered 1000 litres of fuel actually did do this?



Is it possible to check if the security guard did enter the site 3 times during the night?
Yes, by installing the guard/employee times check module.

Can a vehicle enter and leave the site without images and weight being stored?


Can a list of all vehicles on site be provided in a case of emergency – such as a fire?


Can images relating to a transaction be easily found?

Yes - on the TipSite system, this is done simply by searching for the transaction and then pressing the “Image” button for all related images to be displayed.


Can confirming images be easily searched for by client, registration number, date/time, exceptions, waste type, weight etc?

Yes.  This is facilitated by the integration of a user defined search module.


Can searches be made for unusual transactions, such as a utility weighing 6 tons?

Yes, an exceptions module allows the user to search for transactions that are unusual.



How can TipSite systems help eliminate system software crashes or data corruption?

TipSite takes a preventative maintenance approach to software - not only do we provide free software upgrades with our support package, we are also available for unlimited phone support and regular system checks on site visits.

Can boomgate reliability be enhanced?

We have designed and manufactured a extremely rugged boomgate to specifically answer the shortcomings (especially unreliability and high service costs) of most presently available boomgates, thereby siginifcantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Can mistakes be made when cross-referencing the vehicle entry data to the exit data when the vehicle leaves the site?

No - our system fully automates this task and eliminates the potential for user error.



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