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Consulting Services

Designing an effective waste facility requires detailed practical knowledge of all aspects of the operation and management of such a facility. This may include assistance in the selection of a single component or a complete green fields integrated system.


TipSite understand waste facilities, and their experienced consultants and technicians can provide advice on every aspect of their detailed operation. We want to ensure that as much relevant information as possible is made available to you, so that potential pitfalls are avoided and a show piece results.


This collaborative consultation will ensure that you have the most detailed plans and specifications to provide to consultants, suppliers or tenderers to guarantee the outcome you had envisioned many months earlier.


TipSite Advice can help you with:

  • Site layouts with customer movement systems
  • Site initial design concepts to provide a consultant with a meaningful starting point
  • Traffic flow and control systems
  • Site upgrades using the maximum number of operational existing components
  • Site data audits
  • Early stage budget proposals
  • Enhanced site operation
  • Tender specification outlines
  • Catering for site usage growth


TipSite offers these consulting services to ensure that every important aspect of your site operations is comprehensively evaluated.


This conceptual consulting is an inexpensive way for you to rapidly gain significant practical knowledge, which will be provided with your interests as our primary focus.  In all cases, our objective is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will ensure you get the best and most cost-effective solution based on your budget and technical requirements.


We recommend that our skills be confirmed by talking with our existing customer base or by viewing our case studies to gain a greater understanding of our expertise in the operation and design of waste facilities.



TipSite can also provide a substantial amount of documentation, free of charge, to assist you in clarifying your own objectives when considering or purchasing a management system, as well as discovering all of the areas in which such a system could enhance your operations and comparing specifications between competing suppliers.  This includes;

  • Site accountability analysis
  • Weighbridge/portable data terminal suitability review
  • Weighbridge system/portable data terminal spreadsheet analysis
  • Technical specification brief for remote site/weighbridge system enhancements
  • Weighbridge/portable data terminal FAQs
  • Weighbridge/portable data terminal system supplier questions
  • ICAC articles relating to lack of accountability at waste facilities in NSW
  • Discussion paper - “Notes to assist in the selection of the most suitable components in a waste facility”
  • Discussion paper - “Accountability in a waste facility”
  • Price listings and inventory comparison spreadsheet


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