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City of Wodonga




Installation Date:

May 2008 – using latest software application

Scope of Supply:

Turnkey including design, project management and commission

Key Requirements:

Accountability, operator simplicity and automation

New or Upgrade:

Replacement of existing software and new hardware

Installation Configuration:









  • TipSite Manager Software – fully configured
  • Integrated System controller and power supply
  • Console card reader/manual boomgate control
  • Images capture with transaction data
  • Thermal invoice /docket printer
  • Entry card reader
  • Heavy duty entry servo boomgate with auto close loop
  • Heavy duty entry lights/camera bollard
  • Dual height exit card readers
  • Heavy duty exit boomgate with auto close loop
  • Heavy duty exit lights/camera bollard
  • Direct exit card reader for card return
  • Account export module

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